A change of plans

As I mentioned previously, this weekend saw Dave celebrate another birthday. We had plans to hang out with the lovely Samantha and her family yesterday afternoon and then head out for a nice romantic dinner. Unfortunately, Samantha got stuck at work… though in a way it was a bit of a blessing, because I woke up with a migraine and fought it all day.

And like most of North America, the weather is absolutely sweltering. So we decided to spend the day in the house, lazin’ about in the air conditioning.


When it came time for dinner…

…we had some Chinese delivered! Luckily, I had the foresight to pick up the cake the day before so I didn’t have to go out for that either. No pictures of the birthday boy, because he’s shy. But I promise, he’s just gets more and more handsome with every passing year!

And happily, because plans got changed, I was able to finish up Wren’s Christmas cardigan. But I’ll save that for a post mid-week!

8 thoughts on “A change of plans

  1. I wish I could stay in tonight, but we have a concert, Train and Goo Goo Dolls. So I will brave the hear, and have ice and water handy for cooling down. Happy Birthday to the Boy!


  2. Happy Birthday Dave!! I don’t blame you for staying in…..this heat is miserable! The food and cake looks yummy though and the kitty is just adorable.


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