Timely top

Since we had so much Chinese food left on Sunday, and I didn’t have to worry about making lunch or dinner, I threw caution (and the housework) to the wind and dove into completing the Time to Sew top.

I started at about 11 a.m., and with a brief lunch break around 1 p.m…


I was pressing back the last border before 5 p.m. And doesn’t it look fabulous? It’s so big, I had to take it outside for a decent picture. You couldn’t see the whole thing on my bed.


For cornerstones, I used this tealy-blue fabric that was leftover from the Petal Noir layer cake.


Outside borders were a clearance bin find that had been kicking around my stash waiting for the right projects.

I’ve got a beautiful purple floral for the back, and I’m still deciding on binding. I was hoping to quilt it this weekend, but it looks like Dave has made some plans for us (he’s doing sound at a concert for his school and is dragging me along to help), so this one may have to wait.

Still, it feels good to have the top done!

10 thoughts on “Timely top

  1. Shirley

    I love Time to Sew! The floral border and the way you cut it are just perfect. Love the different designs that you see as you look at the entire quilt. It is just beautiful!


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