It’s Monday, and you’re probably back to work… but how about taking a break and having a little walk through my garden?

With the heat and humidity, the roses have been taking a bit of a break, but both Chicago Peace and Blue Girl have managed to push out a couple small blooms. I’m worried I’m going to lose Blue Girl, she’s not looking so good this year.


The Delphiniums have also settled down, except for this delicate little variant I have out front. It’s not as big and robust as the ones I have out back, but it’s sweet.


You’ll recall that the Hollyhocks have started blooming – I’ve already showed you this lovely white one. But the seeds were  mixed pack…

… and this year, these two pretty double-bloom versions have started showing off too.

The coneflowers have started to bloom… which means I’ll hopefully be able to capture some pictures of all the butterflies flitting through my yard.

My Black-Eyed Susans have started to bloom too – and as pretty as they are, it makes me a little bit sad… it means we’re on the downside of summer.


Another sign… my Toad Lilies have started to bloom. They’ve also spread like crazy, so I’m hoping for good show this year. They are small, but spectacular!


And before I leave you for the day, here’s a quick check in on my  sunflowers. They got planted late, so they are not quite as far along as they could be (the tallest is about 2 feet tall), but the squirrels have left them mostly untouched. Maybe in a few weeks, we’ll have some budding up.

What’s bloomin’ in your corner?

7 thoughts on “Bloomin’

  1. Araignee

    I’ve only got my pot of Black Eyed Susans and my little impatiens family in bloom at the moment. I feel sorry for them being out in this heat. I hope we get a bit of a break today. We need some rain.


  2. delightedhands

    Oh, how pretty! I look forward to seeing your toad lilies each year! My mandavilla is still stealing the show in the lanai–the heat has caused so many things to hunker down and wait and others are loving it-like the cereus which is building some more blooms!


  3. I love your toad lilies!! I need to remember to get some of those. Our cone flowers and black eyed Susans are blooming, also sunflowers. On the wild side – tons of Queen Anne’s Lace EVERYWHERE. Oh, and our Gooseneck is also going crazy (that stuff spreads like a weed).


  4. Love the Toad Lily.

    The deer got to the roses and the pepper plants. They are slowly making a come back, but I doubt we will get any peppers before first frost.

    The day lilies are mostly done. The only flowers are the Rose of Sharon bushes. They aren’t a favorite of mine, but they do add a nice pop of color. One is white with a red center and the other is a light purple.


  5. Shirley

    Your flowers are just beautiful! As I scroll thru, each photo becomes my favorite. It was nice to have a garden tour without having to be outside in the heat and humidity. The sunflowers in our community garden are over six feet tall and loaded with blooms. Unfortunately, the heat we have experienced since last week has just fried so many plants. Even some of the herbs have just withered and drooped in spite of regular watering.


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