Devil in a red dress

Well my bloggy friends… I did it… I fell off the fiscal responsibility wagon with a resounding thump.

I’d like to say it was just a minor slip up, but in reality, it was a pretty big fall, and I’m bruised and broken….

It started innocently enough. It was a little less than a week before Dave’s birthday, and he mentioned that he needed some new plain t-shirts for work (he can’t wear logos as per the dress code there).

I knew Old Navy usually delivers quickly enough, so I took a quick look on the site… that was my first mistake… the Old Navy site is a like a gateway drug for me…

Anyway, they had t-shirts for Dave and they were only $7. But you need $50 to get free shipping. But Dave only wears two colours in t-shirts – black and charcoal grey There’s no way I was buying him eight t-shirts in the same two colours.

So I took a quick look in the dress section (second mistake). And there it was… in my favourite Fit and Flare style.

Dress 5

If you know anything about me, you know I have a HUGE soft spot for red dresses.  I am a bit picky on shade  – something Old Navy and I have been fighting about for a few years. They finally got it right earlier this year with a pretty red with black polkadot one. But this one… this one is even better.

But I still wasn’t quite over the free shipping limit….

Dress 4

Oh be still my heart!!!! PINK AND PLAID!!! Pink is another colour Old Navy has struggled to get right (they seem to prefer a band-aidy salmon colour), but they nailed it in this beautiful dusty rose!  I actually didn’t feel too bad about this one… it’s a style I’ve tried before and wasn’t too keen on. I was 99% sure I’d be returning it… but then it arrived… they must have tweaked it because it looks so much better than the previous ones (maybe I’m just blinded by that pink plaid.)

Now if this wasn’t bad enough… this little dip in the unnecessary spending pool netted me a pile of Old Navy Supercash… basically, in a week, if I spent another $125, I’d get $50 off.

I should have just thrown it away. It’s not really saving money if you’re spending it on things you don’t need. But I didn’t. And then I got the reminder email (damn you automated marketing programs!!!!).

Yep… I fell for another red beauty (this red is even better than the first…) as well as the gorgeous green one. This style is new this year (I already have three….) and it’s a fun twist on the fit and flare (it fits just as nicely.)

But remember, I had to get that cart up to $125 to get my $50 off….

They say your purse should match your shoes, right??? This is actually not something I’ve ever subscribed to. Though I do have a thing for snakeskin accessories… and those pink sandals… well they are just so darn cute!

So here I sit… with fabulous new clothes and an empty wallet… but I will get back on that wagon! But maybe I’ll unsubscribe from the Old Navy emails first….

6 thoughts on “Devil in a red dress

  1. delightedhands

    Oh, you fell big time! All dressed up and no where to go! You will look great when you make the next quilt! lol Pretty choices!


  2. Shirley

    You will certainly be well dressed – and I bet you have a cardigan that will look perfect with at least a couple of those dresses. The dresses are all beautiful. I would love to have quilting fabric with all of those designs.


  3. Jocelyn Ahlers

    Oh, man! Look at those dresses! I love dresses – they’re so easy to wear (and accessorize with handknits, naturally). You may have just caused more shopping to occur on this end of the country 🙂


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