How my garden grows…

Back at the end of May, I took a panoramic pic of my backyard gardens. Now that summer is in full swing, I thought it would be fun to compare then and now…


IMG_6538.JPGWhat a difference a couple of months makes!

The Coneflowers are blooming beautifully. I’m hoping they will help me get pics of all the beautiful butterflies that have been coming to visit. There have been so many this year, but they never sit still long enough for me to snap a picture!


And speaking of beautiful – look at my gorgeous Casablanca lilies. I love those curling petals – she’s definitely a show stopper!

You may not recall, but a couple years ago, I bought two daylilies  – weeks apart. One called Autumn Joy and one called Crimson Pirate. When they started to bloom, I kicked myself, because they seems so similar to each other. But they’d never actually bloomed at the same time…

And now that I’ve seen them side by side I feel a lot better! They are definitely different! (Autumn Joy on the left, Crimson Pirate on the right).


My pretty pink Speedwell is doing so nicely this year!  I have a purple one in the sidewalk garden but it hasn’t bloomed yet.

And it’s harvest time! I don’t have a lot that’s edible in my gardens, but what I do have we certainly enjoy.

Are you enjoying any fruits (or vegetables) of your labour?

7 thoughts on “How my garden grows…

  1. BEAUTIFUL garden!

    The only thing producing this year is the tomato plant. We’ve enjoyed every one that made it to maturity.

    Thankfully, Vera has shared some of her bounty. We certainly do enjoy it.

    The pepper plants have flowers. IF the deer don’t munch them off we *may* get some pepper before first frost.


  2. Jocelyn Ahlers

    I wish I were. I love gardens – and yours is especially beautiful – but I really don’t enjoy gardening. So our yard is mostly trees and plants that do their own thing (bougainvillea, ferns, wisteria, etc). Plenty of green, minimal intervention. Your flowers make me wish I had a green thumb, though.


  3. delightedhands

    Love the lilies!!! Yes, deer or raccoon or squirrel have eaten half of my Muscadine grapes–just as they ripen-they are eaten! Bill is harvesting tons of Butternut squashes, though!


  4. Shirley

    What a remarkable difference a couple of months has made in your gardens. They are so beautiful! Though I am not growing anything, I just returned from my daughter’s with just picked tomatoes. Tomatoes and strawberries are probably my favorite things from the garden.


  5. Your garden is lush and lovely! I love the lilies.

    My no-maintenance blueberries are done for the season, and I have a couple gallons in the freezer. I used some this morning to make muffins, and they were delightful. Our raspberries are done, too. Just about a cup in the freezer; they make a nice add in to a glass of bubbly!

    And we just harvested (ate!) the first two cherry tomatoes. Here’s to summer!


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