Little bit o’ lace

First, I want to share something that was shared with me on Facebook…


“A resident of Hamnavoe, in Burra, Shetland, Anne Eunson decided to knit herself a beautiful lace fence using twine. The fence is fashioned from strong black twine – the same kind that is used to make fishing nets, and Anne knitted it up on specially adapted curtain poles. It took her about three weeks to knit enough lace to surround her front garden, using a 23 stitch repeat of a familiar Shetland lace pattern.”
Photos via Laine Glover‎ to Social History

All I can say is HOLY CRAPOLA! I admire this lady’s gumption! Not only is she knitting with TWINE (that’s got to be hard on the hands!), but look at the size of those needles. I can’t work with an 8mm needle for very long without losing my mind. And what a spectacular result! It sure beats chicken wire!

Still, I think I’ll stick with knitting in my garden, instead of knitting to surround it…


Despite the humidity, usually around 4 or 5 p.m., the sun has moved behind the trees and it’s comfortable enough to sit out back while the cats get some fresh air. Since finishing Wren’s cardigan, I’ve been trying to put a few rows on this pair of gifting socks (not saying who because they occasionally read the blog) each day. (And don’t they just match fabulously with my new dress… I feel no remorse!)


As a result, I’ve got the first sock complete. As you can see, I decided to just do the foot plain on this sock – partly because it’s more suited to the recipient (She mostly wears running-type shoes, so they’d be hidden anyway), and because frankly – the pattern has me bored to tears! I don’t know why… It’s not hard, it looks pretty… it’s just so darn tedious!

Oh well – the sooner I get that second sock done, the sooner I can move onto something I enjoy more! To the garden!




8 thoughts on “Little bit o’ lace

  1. Araignee

    I LOVE that fence!!! When I first glanced at the photo of you outside knitting I thought your kitty was a fox. I need to have my eyes checked.


  2. delightedhands

    I’ve seen that article before but it still amazes me! I recognized your dress immediately!
    The new sock is so pretty-sorry it isn’t a thrill to knit!


  3. Shirley

    I had seen an article on that awesome fence. It’s creation is beyond my comprehension. Love the new sock – and, of course, the new dress. Nice to coordinate your projects with your wardrobe 🙂


  4. I had seen that fence too – LOVE it, but I would NEVER attempt to do something like that. Your new sock is so pretty and the yarn color is great. You are such a coordinated soul!! LOL


  5. I love the lace fence, even showed it to The Hubby! He keeps saying that we need a solid wood fence, but I want one that lets light through. I’d be happy with chain-link, despite the utilitarian aspect of it, and I’d make holes or voids occassionally along the bottom where the cats and other critters could get through. But a fence is low on the to-do list…


  6. Bless that dear woman for knitting a garden enclosure. The needles are massive and surely must be heavy. Love the color of your new dress and the socks, too.


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