Butterfly royalty

As you know, my garden is full of plants that are “pollinator friendly”. But if you really want butterflies in your garden, all you really need are coneflowers.

Excepting the butterfly bush, there’s nothing else in my garden they seem to prefer more. And I’ve seen so many this year… Red Admirals, White Cabbages, American Ladies, Yellow Swallowtails, Sagebrush Swallowtails, and of course, Monarchs.

And though they’ve been plentiful, they’ve been darn hard to get photos of. Dave is beginning to question my sanity, because it seems like every hour or so, I’m scooping the camera off the couch, and bolting out the door whenever one goes winging through the yard.

Pretty much every time I came back in empty handed…. until last week…

Isn’t she a beauty!


And for extra credit…


A pretty red dragonfly

IMG_1817And a cuckoo wasp!

What a wonderful wild kingdom in my backyard


10 thoughts on “Butterfly royalty

  1. Araignee

    We have had lots of dragonflies this year. They are all over the place and are quite bold. Even The Mister commented on it the other day. He said one landed right on his golf club when he was about to take a swing over at the golf course.

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  2. Nice pictures Val. We don’t like the cabbage moths – they are not good for the veggie plants we grow. But I have noticed a wider variety of butterflies this year. So beautiful. That wasp is very pretty too.


  3. Shirley

    Persistence pays off and you have some wonderful photos! Great closeups/detail. I have seen more dragonflies than butterflies this summer. Since dragonflies eat mosquitoes, they are very welcome.


  4. Jocelyn Ahlers

    Lovely 🙂 I spent most of my meditation time this morning watching a huge yellow butterfly flitting about in my backyard. Totally in the moment, and beautiful.


  5. Be still my heart…..I love butterflies! I tried to get a shot of some of mine here but wasn’t as lucky as you. This one’s so pretty perched on that flower.


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