Dragons fly

With Switcheroo off the needles, I needed a new project on. I went digging the stash and came up with another skein of Twinkle Cat – this time in Lodestone.


The shades of purple, grey and green in the yarn made me think of dragonflies, which naturally made me think of the Dragonfly sock pattern.


I’ve knit this pattern before – way back in 2012 – and it’s one that I love. So, unlike Switcheroo,  I won’t get bored with it. In fact, it’s practically flying off the needles. As you can see – I’ve already got the leg done. The first sock is going to be done in no time.

And like Switcheroo, it’s going right in the Christmas box. After this, there’s only two other gifts to make!

8 thoughts on “Dragons fly

  1. Shirley

    That is such beautiful yarn! I really don’t know how you are going to part with some of those wonderful items in your gift box. There are several pairs of socks that I would just have to keep for myself.


  2. Jocelyn Ahlers

    You are so organized! I can’t wait to get this college blanket done so I can start on something small and lovely like your socks. I haven’t even considered the Christmas list…


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