An August garden

We just seem to be motoring through summer, don’t  we?

August is always a bit of a funny month in the garden.  It seems that almost everything that blooms has already started, and many of the plants are finished for the season. It feels like there’s nothing new… but then…


My Stargazer lilies start blooming. They are a big oriental lily like the Casablanca lilies – and in such a pretty shade of pink.

The Butterfly Bush has also started to bloom – and as you an see – the Monarch’s are happy. It’s doing exceptionally well this year, which is nice. Last year I thought I might lose it.

The Crocosmia is also blooming. These were bulbs from the Dollar Store a few years back, so I’m thrilled to see them doing well.


My pale purple Delphinium is also blooming again, which is an unexpected surprise. The pink one is showing lots of new growth, so it may bloom too!


The orange Day Lilies are done, but this beauty – Night Embers – just keeps on Blooming. So far no sign of the purple Day Lilies I planted last year. Oh well – maybe next year.


My first sunflower has bloomed! This one is Moon Shadow. It’s just a small sunflower (bloom is about three inches), but isn’t it pretty. And look closely in the petals on the upper right side..


A little Blonde Sac Spider! Such a tiny little treasure!

And last… the harvest continues. I’m afraid to say, the berries rarely make it into the house, but Dave has the tomato crop all to himself! Though I do enjoy growing them!

7 thoughts on “An August garden

  1. Araignee

    Those raspberries look so yummy! I’ve never had one fresh off the vine. By the time they get to the store they are pretty yucky. Like figs. You have to get them right off the tree.


  2. Shirley

    Your gardens are still so beautiful! I have never grown or picked raspberries. What a treat to pick and eat as you are out enjoying your gardens.


  3. jatshaw

    Loved seeing your flowers. Watch out for the lily pollen; I discovered it stains clothing if you bump into it! Do you know how to get day lilies to bloom reliably? We have one that hasn’t bloomed for at least two years and I don’t know why.


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