I just dyed

As you know, we live in a fairly small townhouse. We’re lucky that it’s just the two of us, and there are three bedrooms, so we each have our own space (Dave has a music studio/exercise room and I have an office/sewing/craft room). But the basement is open concept, so it’s shared space – he has his workshop area (for electronic/musical equipment repair), and I have my dye/garden/canning storage area.

I’m afraid to say my area was getting a little out of control – and since Dave has to pass through it to get to his area, it was time to get it all organized again. Luckily, it didn’t take long. And one of the things I did while I was down there was take stock of how much bare yarn was left.

Can you guess?

It was a lot more than I thought – three large rubbermaid tubs full –  at least a couple hundred skeins.

So  I decided it was time to tackle some of it. What I’d like to do it dye it all up, then find a local dyer who’d like to take the what’s left of my dyes off my hands.

I won’t be able to dye it all at once, but if I can do a bag or two each week, I should be finished by Christmas.


This week, I tackled a bag of Alley Cat BFL. I know some people love it, but the BFL is not my favourite. That said, it is nice and hard-wearing – perfect for man-socks. And when I was knitting socks for Sam’s boys, you may recall that I had to buy yarn. I just don’t have much that’s “manly” in my stash.


I did 10 skeins. With the exception of the Mouse Grey and Turkey Red at the bottom right, each multi-coloured skein I dyed got a matching semi skein from the leftover dyes (all mixed together). This way I can do heels and toes if I like, or have plainer skeins for textured patterns.

After completing that, I still had energy to do a little more, so I dyed up the last eight skeins of Barn Cat Sport.


This is my favourite yarn for baby things, so I dyed it with baby sweaters in mind. Clockwise from top left – Saffron, Oxblood, Mouse Grey, and Pistachio. Not your traditional baby colours, I know…. but just think of a baby in a little red Paddington coat, or a cabled grampa sweater in that grey…. these ones are going to be fun to knit!

9 thoughts on “I just dyed

  1. Shirley

    Your colors are just wonderful! Love both the dark and the bright colors. Anything you knit with these will be beautiful. You must have had so much fun dyeing these.


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