Sauble sojourn

On Friday, I took the day off, loaded up Dory, picked up Mom and hit the road. We were headed north to visit our favourite trio of ladies, and reunite the Johnson Five.

Our final destination was Sauble Beach.

Not my picture… I forgot to take one while we were there.

Sauble Beach is a beautiful beach on the shores of Lake Huron on the west side of the Bruce Peninsula – about 30 minutes from where the girls live. My grandparents used to live just outside Owen Sound, and our summer visits always included a day trip to Sauble. I haven’t been since I was about 18, which I’m sad to say is more than 20 years ago!

The sky was clear, the temps were just perfect, but boy those waves were high! Admittedly, as a kid, those were always the best days to visit, especially with our inflatable pool mats.


Rowan brought her boogie board, but we had to keep a close eye on her. At 11, she’s got no fear and those big waves also meant strong currents. It doesn’t take long to drift from view.

She would have stayed out there all day if she could.


For the rest of us, soaking up the sun punctuated by the occasional dip was more than fulfilling.


And I was happy to stand on the shore of my favourite beach and feel like a kid again!

10 thoughts on “Sauble sojourn

  1. Okay …………so there isn’t much I miss about Florida, but you really made me miss the beach. It was SO easy to get to the beach from our place in Jacksonville.

    Your photos of Rowan are great and I love your spotty swimsuit.


  2. Shirley

    What a wonderful day at the beach! Those are some awesome waves. The girls have grown so much! And you certainly do not look your age.


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