Tip top rainbows

Assembling all the quilt blocks into a top is one of my least favourite parts of quilting. As they go together, it becomes big and bulky and more difficult to handle. It can be  frustrating in my tiny workspace. That said, I always power through it, and as a result…


… the Rainbow Block Party top is together. It’s definitely not perfect, and there’s a fair bit of wonk in this top. But as Jenny Doan of MSQ says “finished is better than perfect” and I can quilt most of the wonk out of it.


I ended up having to use two different white-on-white fabrics for the sashing. I ran out of the little tulip one (horizontal), and I couldn’t get any more. Fortunately, I was able to get more of the swirly one (vertical), which matched the centres of the squares (which was a little scrap piece I had). And that’s the beauty of a scrap quilt – you can mix and match!

When Rowan was picking out fabric for her dress last week, I wandered over to the clearance table to see if I could get anything for the back. I was hoping for rainbows, but no luck…

Instead I settled for this big daisy-like floral. (At $5 a yard, I’m not going to be too picky). I’m hoping I have enough of the green butterflies for binding, but if not, I think the red sunflowers will do the job nicely. Both of those fabrics were leftover from backs of other quilts.

And now my to-quilt pile is growing, so I need to get up to Mom’s and bang a few of these babies out!

7 thoughts on “Tip top rainbows

  1. Shirley

    What a beautiful quilt! I love how you used two different fabrics for the sashing. They work so well together. The backing is fabulous and with all the colors in the quilt, either green butterflies or red sunflowers will work great for the binding.


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