Fishful thinking

Have you ever started doing a project one way, and then halfway through, realized there’s a MUCH better way to do it?

It happened to me recently. I was working away on the blocks for A Fish Called Rhonda, trying to get the triangle pieces to line up (and getting frustrated, they are fussy.)

I was adding the outer triangles so that the fish would swim “straight” not on a diagonal. But suddenly it dawned on me… when I laid them all out in rows, four of those triangles would come together…


And four triangles coming together make a square. So why the heck am I sewing on these stupid triangles???? I can just cut squares and lay the quilt out on an on point layout (like my scrappy nine patches, or my bear paws, or my stars… or any of the other on point layouts I’ve done.)

I did some quick calculations to make sure I had enough of the teal fabric for the squares (I did) and I got out my seam ripper and took all those triangles off the fish I’d already completed! Then I got to sewing some more fish.

With out those triangles to fuss with, the remaining fish did not take long!


This isn’t the final layout, I just wanted to get a sense of the size. Isn’t that a great looking school? I still have to cut the teal blocks (I’ll do it at Mom’s where I have more room), but I think this one is looking just fishtastic!


6 thoughts on “Fishful thinking

  1. delightedhands

    Yes, I have had that thought; usually when I am on the LAST two blocks! lol
    I’m glad you had the bright idea early enough to make a difference! And yes, it will be a great school of fish!


  2. Shirley

    You are so clever! If I realize something like that, it is usually in hindsight. Your change will make the project easier, faster and less bulky seams. You need to write patterns.


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