Fall colours

September is here, the kids are back to school, and the signs of fall are everywhere…


On the strawberry leaves…


And the Columbine.


You can see it in the petals of these beautiful sunflowers that finally bloomed!


The fall raspberry crop is coming in. It’s looking to be better than summer crop – I didn’t get many in July.


The honey bees seem to have all left for the season, but the Bumblers are still out there, working away to get the last bit of nectar from anything they can before the real cold sets in.IMG_2652

The Ministry of Natural Resources has been dropping rabies vaccine baits from a plane and I caught this pic of the low-flyer against a glowing golden autumn sky.

I’m not a huge fan of Winter, but I do love the slow, colourful progression of Fall!

6 thoughts on “Fall colours

  1. Araignee

    Beautiful colors! I had never heard of the rabies bait drop before but I just read that it would be happening up at the lake house Son rented last month. They were warning folks not to eat it.


  2. Not much in the way of falls colors here yet, but there are bits and pieces every now and then. Hoping my “late” tomatoes and peppers make it to maturity before first frost.


  3. Shirley

    Since fall is my favorite season, I am enjoying the signs of fall that are appearing. Fortunately, winters are not too severe where I live. Your sunflowers are just beautiful!


  4. Fall is absolutely my fav!!! ALL. THE. COLORS! Looking forward to those cool nights and warm days. Love the deep oranges of those flowers. And yay on figuring out your school of fish top, so cool.


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