Garden delights

Although I’ve been very excited about fall, there’s still plenty of summer left in the garden…


In fact, my back yard looks positively wild!

The Physostegia I bought at the Milton market has finally bloomed, and it is so pretty. I noticed my neighbour has some too. His is VERY tall (like more than 5 feet), so it will be interesting to see what it does next year.

Chicago Peace is blooming again. Her colours always seem to be extra vibrant in the cooler weather.


Every year, I always add a few annuals as filler. This year it was mostly petunias, and they’ve just gone crazy!


This is another beautiful annual I have in a pot – an African Daisy in the prettiest shade of pink!


The catnip has started to bloom too. I grow it in pots now to keep it under control (it really spreads) and to keep the cats from flattening my gardens!

My Chrysanthemum out back is enormous and absolutely covered in buds.


I have one out front too, but it doesn’t get as much sun, so it’s much smaller and not quite ready to bloom.

And last, we’re still enjoying some lovely backyard produce, and will until the first frost comes!

6 thoughts on “Garden delights

  1. I have heard that it is going to be a warmer fall. Maybe you’ll be getting produce for awhile longer.

    Beautiful flowers. Our flowers are all done and I’ve done the fall clean up already. The beds are almost all ready for next spring.

    I still have the clumps of daylilies to tend to, but they are still nice and green. They’ll stay until after first frost.

    I pulled MILES of ivy out of the beds to thin it out some. There is still PLENTY left.


  2. Shirley

    Your gardens have certainly been spectacular this year. I think you have reached the point where you have such a variety of plants that something is always putting on a show. So pretty!


  3. Oh you are as vested in your fall garden as I am!! !I am moving things around, dividing things and talking to the plants to encourage them so! I did just see on P. Allen Smiths site that there is a rose problem running rampant . The roses look twisted and they have to be taken off your climbers.


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