Summer of the spider

As you can guess from the title, it’s another spider post! Feel free to skip if it gives you the heebiejeebies…..


But me… I love spiders, and this summer has been exceptional for them!

I found this little cross orb weaver hanging out on a Sunflower leaf.


There have been a lot of Grass Spiders around. They build a very neat type of nest…


They lay sheets of web with a funnel opening. They hang out at the base of that funnel and run out when something lands on their web…




Out front, a very smart  Grass Spider has made her web on my fairy house. And she’s using the window as a place to hide… can you see her little legs sticking out?


Occasionally I find her hanging out in full view.


The real exciting spider was the Spotted Orb Weaver that made its home on my Cana Lilies.

It was almost invisible amongst the seed pods on the expended bloom stem. I only noticed it when it came out on its web.

I even got to see it wrap up a bit of lunch!

Which it then took back to the seed pods for leisurely snacking.

I just love nature!

7 thoughts on “Summer of the spider

  1. kayT

    Thanks for the pictures. I am not a spider fan but am trying to desensitize myself to them, and pictures like these are a big help because 1) it’s just pictures! and 2) they are interesting and you have given information and good closeups of interesting spiders. So: Thanks for helping!


  2. Araignee

    It’s been the opposite here. We are usually covered in spider webs at this time of the year. We have some but not the usual amount. It’s been such a weird summer. I just got my first mosquito bite. The fleas have been far and few in between as have the jelly fish in the bay. Weird. This should all make me happy but I don’t think it’s a good sign for the environment.


  3. Jocelyn Ahlers

    I love that you know all of them by name!! I need to do that. I recognize wolf spiders (they do the same kind of funnel/jump out thing), and, of course, black widows, of which we have had a TON this summer. But the huge orangey ones that we can land crabs, I don’t know the name of. I do know that I never EVER want one in my hair, though!!


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