Gone fishin’

I found some time and finally got a Fish Called Rhonda top together…


Well… I had to move the cat several times but…


Isn’t it just the cutest school of fishies? To ensure the fish were floating (swimming?) within the border of the binding (once it’s quilted of course) …


… I had to add a background border to the left side, bottom and top. The right side didn’t need one because the tails are already set away from the edge of the blocks.

And I didn’t make a mistake with the layout…


There’s one fish going the opposite way on purpose. That’s Rhonda, a sweet little red-head who’s not afraid to do things her own way!

I need to get something for the binding, but I already have a nice big chunk of the whale fabric for the back . I also have a fantastic idea for the quilting… I can’t wait to get started!

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