I like big blocks

It’s true! I love big blocks. You only need a few of them to get a good sized quilt!


I made another block for Celtic dreams. They are about 24″ square – nice and big. From start to finish (cutting included) one of these takes me a couple hours to complete. They are a perfect afternoon project! I’ve got one left and then I have to get some more fabric to finish this quilt off.

Moving on….


I finally settled on a block for my crazy Pinkerville fabrics. (Don’t you just love that Nessie???)


It’s inspired by the star block in MSQ’s Nightsky quilt. I’ve made some minor modifications, so mine is about 22″ square. I plan to make at least eight of these big baddies, for one wild quilt!

Sometimes bigger IS better!

10 thoughts on “I like big blocks

  1. Araignee

    Those are some big blocks! I was just cursing my Dresden blocks for being so big they are hard to quilt. I love the look of a big block-just not finishing them. This is where you really need a long arm machine.


  2. I spent some time with a friend who quilts over the weekend, and she was jealous of your mom’s quilting machine! I do not like spiders, even though I know their valuable place in nature. I found one yesterday, who’d strung webs across a few of our milkweed plants. I retreated from the area as fast as I could!


  3. Shirley

    I love that block for Celtic dreams. Such beautiful colors and fabrics. Those new fabrics are pretty amazing also. What a neat quilt that is going to be.


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