Leaf me be!

While I had all my leaf blocks pieced, they still needed one more thing before I started sewing them all together.


They needed their stems! The stems are done with applique, something I’ve never done before. But under Mom’s tutelage, I managed it.


And I’m quite pleased with the results! With that done, it was time to start assembling the top.


Sadly, it’s not quite done yet. I’m still working in shorter sewing sessions to save my back. I really wanted to finish this one, but I have to remind myself, there’s no rush. It will get done when it gets done. The next step is to add a thin, white border, then a wider one with this fabulous fabric.


Another clearance bin find! As was the backing flannel I have for this one


Isn’t it sweet. The ladybugs (which you may recognize from Rooster Eggs) will be used for the binding.

9 thoughts on “Leaf me be!

  1. Araignee

    Every time I think I know which one is my favorite of your quilts you go and make another one that I LOVE!!! Those leaves are just too amazing…and the colors. Wow!!!


  2. Shirley

    What absolutely beautiful leaves! The fabric for the second border could not be more perfect. Looking forward to seeing it with the borders added.


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