While I may be done with gardening for the year, not all the plants are. There’s not a tonne going on, but until we get a really good frost overnight, they’ll hang on.


The toad lilies, of course, are as cute as can be. I may just get more of these come spring.

Scentimental and Blue Girl are trying to push out a few final blooms


And this will definitely be the last strawberry of 2019.


And I just love the African Daisies I got this year. I really wish they were perennials, but they won’t survive the cold.


I’ve got to admit, irises in October has kind of freaked me out, but apparently, they are supposed to bloom now. They are a variety “re-blooming” iris that blooms in both spring and fall. But apparently, they don’t start doing it until their second year. I must see if I can get more.

We could see snow any time now, so I’m enjoying each bloom that remains. Anything still making a show in your garden?

8 thoughts on “Hangers-on

  1. Araignee

    It is almost 80 degrees today and we are having thunderstorms. I don’t know what to make of this fall. I saw one lone rose blooming in someone’s yard yesterday and it looked so sad.


  2. Shirley

    Your flowers are still so beautiful! The blooms this time of the year just seem prettier for some reason. You have had a spectacular growing season.


  3. delightedhands

    I didn’t know about re-blooming Irises! What a treat.
    The African Daisy is amazing!!!!! (I think I would cut it back when it is done blooming, bring it in and let it winter over in a dark closet until Spring!)


  4. jatshaw

    That toad plant intrigues me, and so do those re-blooming irises! Last winter our African Daisies didn’t even survive in the garage. Thanks for the fun photos!


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