FO: Garden Trellis

First, let me apologize for photo quality. I dropped my DSLR the other day and jammed the lens. So until I can get it fixed, I’m stuck using my cell phone for all my photos. It’s an iphone, so they aren’t horrible – they just aren’t up to my usual standard.

Now… onto business…


Garden Trellis is complete! Thanks to said cell phone, you can’t see that I quilted in individual flower in each one of those white blocks


Here’s a better shot. It was my first attempt using stencils and it didn’t go too badly. I do need to get better at centering the stencil, but for a first attempt, I’m happy.


The finished quilt is 50″ x 66″. A nice-sized lap quilt, and made almost entirely of scraps. (I did have to buy some white fabric, though that doesn’t really count). Building all those nine patches was a great leader/ender project, and it’s a pattern I’ll definitely do again. There’s just so many ways you can change it up!


And my favourite part…. that backing! A super amazing clearance bin find. The binding was leftover from the back of my bear paw quilt. I’ve almost used all of it, but not quite!


8 thoughts on “FO: Garden Trellis

  1. Shirley

    Such a beautiful quilt! The flower you quilted in the white blocks looks absolutely perfect in composition. Your stitches are all uniform, too. It is just wonderful. I would be thrilled if I could machine quilt with that kind of precision. Love, love, love the backing.


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