First, I’ve got to apologize again for the quality of photos. Not only is my DSLR down for the count, but so is my iPhone. (It’s supplied by work, so a new one is on the way) I’m down to using my five-year-old cheapo Android phone. It gets the job done, but well…

Anyway, onto the post!

It’s frosty out there, we’ve even had a little snow. But some flowers just cling on!


The Toad Lilies aren’t really a shocker, they are late bloomers and seem to love the cold.


The marigolds are pretty hardy too, but after the snow melted off them the other day, they look a little like they are encased in ice.


There’s no butterflies around any more, but the butterfly bush has still got a few blooms.


Chicago Peace just never quits!


But can you believe these darn irises!?!?


Or these strawberries? I doubt they’ll ripen, but you’ve got to give it an A for effort!

6 thoughts on “Clingy

  1. Shirley

    Wow!!! We have had our first hard frost and even the sunflowers were wilted this morning when I walked. Your gardens have just been spectacular this year!


  2. Araignee

    Goodness! You’ve got so much still blooming. We had a hard frost last night and everything went over. My poor yard looks terrible. My hostas all turned yellow and mushy and my little unexpected impatiens family is no more. Sigh.


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