Little knits

This past weekend I did a HUGE clean-out on two places in the house that were in desperate need of it. In the kitchen got rid of anything we didn’t use (why were we hanging onto a sushi dining set when there’s only two of us, and only Dave eats it, and is quite content to do so from the plastic tray it comes in?), had too many of (again, there’s only two of us, but we literally had about 40 coffee mugs).

Next up was the bedroom, where I not only got rid of redundant bedding (store bought blankets just aren’t as exciting when you start quilting…), and anything in my closet that didn’t fit, or I just wasn’t wearing (like why do I have SIX white t-shirts when I don’t even wear t-shirts except to bed? And especially when the t-shirt drawer is already overflowing.)

And last, I cleaned out the hat/mitt basket. It was filled with old knits, single mittens, holey (not intentionally) hats… and other bits of knitterly detritus that build up from a decade of improving your knitting skills. Lone mittens and holey (unintentional) knits got tossed. Anything I wasn’t going to wear, but had hung onto because I loved the yarn or put so much time into making it, when into the donation bin. It was left with a couple good sets, but there was a notable absence of hand-warmers. I had plenty of fingerless pairs, but no mitts or gloves.

I had no travel knitting on the go, just the never-ending poncho, so it must have been a sign. I went stash diving and came up with a lovely skein of Twinkle Cat in “Spice”.


The pattern is Knotty. I’ve knit it before (sadly that pair was one of the ones that got purged due to holes). It’s a nice pattern with a great result, even though I actually hate knitting gloves. (Those individual fingers drive me batty). I’d knit myself some mitts, but they just aren’t as practical as a good, sturdy pair of gloves.

Anyway… I had a long wait for Dave at the dentist earlier this week, so I’ve made some good progress. The cables really require some attention, but it’s totally worth it.

6 thoughts on “Little knits

  1. Araignee

    All I want for Christmas is a dumpster. I’ve been asking for one for years and never got one. I’ve got enough junk to fill one several times over.
    I hate knitting gloves too but once they are done they are such a great thing to have in your pocket on a cold day. I love the cable on those.


  2. kayT

    Oh yes “redundant bedding” is something I was just thinking about today! Why I am keeping these very tired sad pillows (just in case!) (bad pun) and ugly blankets, I don’t know. Going to fill up the trashcan next trash day for sure. Thanks for the shove in the right direction.


  3. delightedhands

    Oh, I do love a good purge!!!!! I have two places in the kitchen/pantry that could use that!
    I love the new knitting–even if it will be a pair of gloves–those fingers drive me batty, too!


  4. It’s good to get rid of stuff that isn’t useful. Twice a year, when I switch my closet for the season, I purge then. However, the boxes of clothes to give away ARE STILL SITTING THERE! Plus, I MUST get my books in order. Hope to use some time this holiday weekend to clear my bedroom.


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