FO: Celtic dreams

It took a little stealth near the end, but Celtic Dreams is complete!


It’s actually been quilted since last Friday, but I had to wait until Dave wasn’t around to do the binding.  He doesn’t pay much attention to what I’m working on when I’m up in my studio, but the binding I do on the couch in front of the TV.


And this big beast would definitely catch his eye. I managed to get it all bound on Tuesday afternoon when he left for work.  Finished size is 70″ x 90″, so I won’t have to listen to him complain that none of the quilts are long enough any more.

I normally only show you a glimpse of the backing fabric, but on this one you need to see the whole thing.


It’s from the Stonehenge Solstice line, and it was so gorgeous, I just had to splurge. No clearance bin find for this one, but Dave is worth it.



For the binding, I ended up using the same print I used for the sashing. By an accident of math, I cut way more than I needed for the sashing, but the leftover worked out to a little more than the right amount for the binding… it was obviously meant to be, even though you lose the celtic pattern when the binding folds over to the back. It does create a neat little scallop though.

And now the quilt is packed safely away for the big day… but not before it got the seal of approval from not one, but TWO snoopervisors.

It’s a good thing Dave won’t notice a little more cat hair…

7 thoughts on “FO: Celtic dreams

  1. Shirley

    Celtic Dreams is even more beautiful than I expected. With the design and fabrics, there is such a WOW factor. What a wonderful gift. That backing fabric is beautiful and I love the way the binding worked out.


  2. Jocelyn Ahlers

    Wow wow WOW!! It is stunning. I have been waiting with bated breath for this one to be done, and it is fantastic 🙂 Dave’s a lucky guy!


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