Duck, duck, goose

With all my focus on Night Sky right now, the only other thing in the sewing room seeing any progress* is the Leaders and Enders. For the moment, I’ve stopped making geese, and I’ve started pairing them up, then pairing those pairs.


It’s such a fun block, perfect for scraps! The finished size is about 8.5 inches, so once I’ve sewn up all the geese I’ve done so far, I’ll decide if I need to make more.

Here’s where the rest of my projects are at:

  • Night Sky – Blocks are half done – all my focus is on getting this top done by this Friday
  • Meow-lky Way – Six blocks down, 10 to go!
  • Royal Stars – Buildings stars, two at a time
  • Pins and Paws – Kitty by kitty, this one is growing
  • Leader and Ender quilt – Pairing geese!

* I did take some time out to quilt Pinkerville…. you’ll see her in a day or two.

6 thoughts on “Duck, duck, goose

  1. Wow, I am away from blogs for a few days and you explode!! I love all the projects, but the gloves and Dave’s quilt are GORGEOUS!!!! Great job on that quilt. He will love it. And I love the cable on that glove, and the color is to die for.


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