Heavy duty Chevy

On the weekend, I went up to Mom’s to do some quilting, and of course, acquaint myself with my new adopted brother…


Isn’t he handsome? As I mentioned on Friday, he’s a Shepherd/Lab cross. While the Lab is obvious, the Shepherd in him is more subtle. Pointier (if still floppy) ears, a pointier nose, a bit of a ruff, and slimmer hind quarters.


He was a little wary of me at first, but I soon won him over with a new toy, and some cookies. Okay, maybe lots of cookies. At one point in the day, both Mom and Dad were out, so I was on puppy-sitting duty. And the only way I could get him to come back inside the house was with the promise of a cookie.


If there’s one thing this boy loves, it’s being outside. He had a yard in his previous home, But Mom’s is about 10 times bigger, and Chevy loves to run. Unfortunately, he’s got a bad knee, so he’s not really supposed to be doing much running, but good luck stopping him, especially with Jem out there with him.


Speaking of Jem, she is just thrilled to have a 24/7 playmate. There were several times my quilting got interrupted because I had to come upstairs and check on the ruckus the pair were making.

Mr. Tibbi has also adjusted well to Chevy’s presence.  He just ignores him like he’s ignored every other animal (cat or dog) that’s been brought into his house over his 15 years.


This little beauty, however, was not at all happy with the new interloper. Winnie hid for the first few day, and Mom was getting pretty worried she wouldn’t adjust. I told her to give her some more time, and sure enough…


In just a few days she was back to being the tiny Queen of her territory.

10 thoughts on “Heavy duty Chevy

  1. Araignee

    Son’s Golden is like that. I can only get him in with a dog treat when I sit for him. I think he has my number now. He even did to me during Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family there.


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