Winter wonderland

When I showed you the pics of Chevy yesterday, you might have noticed the bare ground. All the snow we’d gotten in mid-November was long gone, and while not warm, the days were pretty tolerable.

All that changed Sunday. The freezing rain blew in and fell all day. I didn’t manage to get any pictures, but it was pretty,  everything sparkling and encased in ice.

But it also had its downside

That’s Mom’s backyard. A Manitoba Maple (very soft, weak tree) growing in the neighbour’s yard decided the weight was just too much, and came down with a crash. Thankfully, no one was outside, and it narrowly missed my parent’s roof and bedroom window. The only casualty was a small corner of the porch roof, which can be repaired easily enough.

And the neighbour has finally agreed that the whole tree has to come down, so Dad will get more sun in his backyard, and is looking into investing in a small green house. (Something he’s wanted for a few years)

Eventually, the freezing rain stopped and yesterday morning the snow started to fall. I woke up to a winter wonderland.


Unlike me, Dad couldn’t just sit back and enjoy the view.


He had a lot of clean-up to do. Luckily, he had helpers…

The puppers just love the snow.

Back home, the cold and snow has reminded me that I need to get a wiggle on with my new gloves (especially when I was scraping the ice off Dory).


I’ve made it past the thumb gusset and I’m working my way to the fingers. But this is still only the first glove. I better keep at it!

7 thoughts on “Winter wonderland

  1. Araignee

    Wow. That brings back memories of when we were trapped in the basement for a week with no electricity or running water from the monster ice storm we had back in 1994. We had to melt snow on the wood stove to survive. The sound of crashing trees that went on for days still gives me nightmares. Whenever they call for ice I want to pack up and head south. That stuff is no fun.


  2. delightedhands

    Oh, wow! I am glad it only glanced the porch roof when the tree fell!
    I’m glad the tree will go and your Dad can get a green house!!!
    Get going on those gloves–the first one is beautiful so far!


  3. Yikes! Close call. So glad no one was hurt, not much damage and the offending tree will be coming down. A greenhouse can be so much fun! We have sides and a top we put over one of our raised bed boxes and we’ve been picking lettuce and greens all along for salads. Wonderful!


  4. Glad no one was hurt, and the damage sustained is minimal. One summer storm in July years ago, toppled so many trees in our neighborhood, many streets were impassable for days, and of course we all lost power. Thankfully, our old trees in the yard just shed leaves and twigs…lots and lots of twigs! Sometimes, I wish I had a hard hat to wear when out there!


  5. Shirley

    What a mess! Glad nobody was injured and no substantial damage. Good news that your Dad will have enough light for a greenhouse. You need to be knitting faster on your gloves. The dogs look like they are having a wonderful time in the snow.


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