Poncho progression

I was hoping to have more to show on the poncho by now but…


…sigh… I’m not  even half way yet. It probably doesn’t look much different from the last picture, but I promise, I’m working on it every chance I get

So…. to distract you from another boring poncho pic….


… here’s another picture of Chevy, making himself right at home.


And then Jem… who’s not to be outdone!

7 thoughts on “Poncho progression

  1. Shirley

    Pinkerville parade is just beautiful! Such a cheerful quilt. The poncho is looking great and, at least, all your progress is forward and no ripping. Happy, secure dogs.


  2. Araignee

    It’s growing! I see progress. That is a lot of knitting. It’s going to feel so great when it’s done. The best thing is you can’t go wrong with a poncho unlike sweaters that have been known to misbehave just when you think you are at the finish line.


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