FO: Pinkerville Parade

As mentioned earlier, I took some time out to quilt Pinkerville parade.


Isn’t she pretty? It took almost all day to quilt her, because she’s a biggie – about 78″ square. I made this purely because I loved the fabrics and wanted to make something with them – though I do have a potential buyer interested in it, which is kind of cool.


And while it looks pretty crazy with all those colours and prints, it’s actually pretty simple: Just nine big blocks with some sashing and a handful of cornerstones.


The binding was leftover from one of Sam’s commissions and the backing was a super clearance steal. I also have enough left for a smaller lap quilt – and coincidentally, I have enough of the Pinkerville prints left for a small quilt too!


And to add one last bit of magic, for the quilting, I used a variegated rainbow thread. It adds just a little pop on all that black fabric.

8 thoughts on “FO: Pinkerville Parade

  1. Araignee

    What a beauty!!! I can’t believe how fast you are getting them done. Dad used to love that variegated thread. I’ve got a bunch of it and never thought to use it for quilting. I might have to experiment with it because it looks great.


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