Poncho push

I did it! No… it’s not done… but it is half done, which to me, is huge!!!!


See that tiny turquoise line at the top of the knitting?


That’s my halfway line. It’s also my neckline, or will be when the poncho knitting is complete. The pattern knits the poncho in two pieces (one of with is just ridge knitting, no lace – it’s the back). Those two pieces are then seamed, and stitches are picked up and knit for the neckline. But I’m doing it a little different. Instead, I’m just going to keep knitting. When I’m done, that turquoise yarn will come out and I’ll pick up the stitches for the neck from there. Easy peasy and no seaming!

9 thoughts on “Poncho push

  1. Shirley

    I am catching up so first congratulations to Vera. I love your four patch star blocks. Will be interesting to see how that project evolves. Your poncho is going to be wonderful! And you are on the downhill side now.


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