In the bleak midwinter

I know winter has barely started yet (in fact, we haven’t even hit the first official day), but I’m already missing my gardens. My indoor plants do help, but I don’t have much that flowers – and that which does, has stopped already.

But if I can’t grow flowers…. I can sew them! Remember I told you had some fabric picked out for my next project, but wasn’t set on a pattern…? Well I finally found it!

That fabric was these two pieces.


I bought a yard of each of them a couple years ago (when I first started making quilts). There was just something about them – I had no plans, but I just had to have them. I even paid full price!

They’ve been languishing in the stash ever since, and it was past time to do something with them.

And then I came across this block on Pinterest…


It didn’t take long for me to figure out how it all went together. And that centre was the perfect use for the birds (if fussy cut), and pussywillow branches. It would also give me a chance to test out using geese for the star points instead of two HSTs.


Another dive into the stash came up with so many beautiful batiks to use for the flower fabrics – all in shades of early spring.

Soon I was cutting, and not long after, sewing. I’m happy to report that the geese worked great for the star points, and saved me some dreaded trimming down of the HSTs. (I still had eight to do on the petals, but it wasn’t bad.) In fact, it all went off without a hitch…


Isn’t that a beautiful block – nice and big too at about 16″ (just the way I like them.) This one is going to be so much fun!


10 thoughts on “In the bleak midwinter

  1. Araignee

    That is just so pretty! I love the little bird in the middle. It’s been bleak here too. I don’t ever remember it being so dark and wet for so long. We finally have some sun today but it’s back to being cold. Ugh. I love winter but this one is as dreary as our non-existent fall.


  2. Shirley

    That is the most awesome block!!! Your fabrics are beautiful and the batiks just add so much to the mix. It’s going to be such a beautiful quilt.


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