Quilt Year in Review: 2019

In addition to knitting, there was, of course, quilting this year.  And lots of it. I can hardly believe it, but I completed 32 quilts this year!

Not all of them were huge – more than half were baby blankets and lap quilts. But and amazing 13 of them were bed-sized quilts (of varying sizes).

Quite a few were fun and scrappy…

Others were coordinated, but just as beautiful

Cat Fancy was probably the most complicated…


But it was a great challenge to my skills.

Celitc Dreams was definitely the most expensive, with not one scrap of fabric bought on sale..


But it’s worth every penny to see Dave curl up under it every night.

Here to 2020 being another incredible year of scraps and stitches!

7 thoughts on “Quilt Year in Review: 2019

  1. Shirley

    Just WOW! I knew you had made quite a few quilts but you averaged almost three quilts a month while pursuing other hobbies like knitting and gardening. Such beautiful quilts also! Happy New Year!


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