Happy new year!

Here we are in a brand-spanking new year… and a new decade! I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

And now it’s time to set myself some goals…

1) Spend less: This is pretty much a continuation from last year. Or maybe a do-over, because I really failed at it last year. So, to reiterate – no clothes, no candles, no shoes, no plants… fabric/yarn only allowed if I need it for a project… basically… if I don’t actually NEED it… I can’t buy it. Wish me luck!

2) Lose weight: Another one I’ve been working at and failing for a long time. But both Dave and I have joined Weight Watchers, and I think if we’re in it together, we’ll have better luck (He’s already lost about 15 lbs… I’ve got catching up to do!)

3) Knitting goal – Share the love: Last year’s knitting goal was to publish more patterns – and I failed miserably at that.  I still haven’t even gotten my On the GO patterns done… and I will do that. But I also want to set a goal of knitting for others. I’ve always been a bit of a selfish knitter. If I’m going to put that much time into something… well I want it for me. But now my closet is literally over-flowing with cardigans, shawls, hats and socks… I really don’t need much. But as you know, I’ve got one heck of a yarn stash. So this year, I’m going to knit for others. Where possible, all gifts will be knit. But I’d also like to do some charity knitting. I have plans to send a big box of things off to Natalie for her annual fundraiser in July, and I’m going to look into some local charities too.

4) Quilting goal – Shopify!: I didn’t set a quilting goal last year, but it’s clear this quilting thing isn’t a passing fancy. It’s also clear a girl can only make so many quilts for herself and her family. Sooo… this year’s goal is to open an online shop and see if we (Mom and I – we love our joint ventures!) can sell any of our quilts. We’ve done a little research, and it will most likely be another Etsy shop. I’ve got some logos to make, and marketing materials to write, but we’re hoping to have the shop open by Spring. It will mostly be baby quilts, but I’m sure a few larger ones will sneak in there, as well as some smaller items like tote bags, and pet quilts.

So… Hello New Year! Can’t wait to see what wonders you bring!

And since I don’t have any other pictures at the moment… here’s Rupert…


“If you want to lose any weight this year,
I suggest you put down that buttertart…”

Oh, he’s a saucy one! Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Shirley

    Happy New Year! Hope 2020 brings you much joy and peace. How exciting that you and your Mom are going to open an on-line shop. Please keep us informed as that evolves.


  2. I am there with you on the first 2!!! Stop buying supplies and use what I have. And with a wedding or two in our future, loose some excess weight so I look better in my Mother of the Bride dresses! Good luck on your goals.


  3. Aw kitty kitty. He is so fun.
    I love your charity based plan this year!!!!
    I think you know that Weight watchers worked for me. Im 2 years on maintenance. After I lost for two years. Did it all on line. You will do great


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