Flying on the Milky Way

I had just four blocks to complete for Meow-lky Way, so I decided last Sunday was the day to get down to it…


They didn’t take long. Once you know what you’re doing with these blocks, they really fly. Since it was barely past noon by the time they were done, I decided to see if I could finish the whole top before dinner time.

The first task was getting the blocks laid out in a nice order.


If you’re going to make this quilt, I suggest paying attention to your lights and darks and planning their placement carefully. I did not (I was limited with the fat quarter pack I was using), and as a result, the diagonal effect of the pattern is lost a little in mine. You can see it better in the original quilt.

Just a note: Relic isn’t snoopervising… he’s giving me the stink eye for disturbing his nap. Also because it  was pouring rain outside and I couldn’t magically make it stop for him.

My layout isn’t perfect, but the blocks went together surprisingly easy!


The original quilt doesn’t have a border, but I felt mine needed one.

IMG_0597These little lineart cats came in a mystery bundle of fabric from Missouri Star Quilts last year, and as you can see, they were waiting for the purrfect project. They were just the thing to finish this top off.


For backing, I’ve got these cute Japanese Cats in a nice soft flannel, and the binding will be the lovely green leafy fabric on the right.

Now, with any luck, as you’re reading this, I’m up at Mom’s quilting it. It looks like it will be my first finished quilt for 2020!

6 thoughts on “Flying on the Milky Way

  1. Araignee

    That’s why I bought the kit when I fell in love with that quilt. I could NEVER have put my own colors together. Someday I might get to it. Sigh….so many kits. So little time.


  2. delightedhands

    What a cute kitty quilt! Nice job pulling the top together!
    (my cats pace all the while it is raining-like now-and want the rain to be off , too!)


  3. Shirley

    That is a beautiful quilt and the fabrics are wonderful! You could not have found better fabrics for the border and backing. You did great with your directional fabrics and those fabrics probably dictated where some blocks would be in the top. So pretty!


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