In the shadow of the moon

The other day I mentioned a couple new projects on the go. The first is a birthday quilt for my sister-in-law, Jenn.

When I saw Paisley over New Year’s, I asked her for her help picking out fabrics for a quilt for her Mom.

She chose this  collection (Moon Shadow), which I had in 10″ squares


I then went to work finding a pattern, and finally settled on Quatrefoil.

Normally, when I make a quilt, I usually build it one block at a time. But for this quilt, it made more sense to build some units first… ie, all those four patches.


That’s 80 of them… it took me all afternoon, but it was worth it. Now I have to snowball 80 squares to make the “petals” of each block, but that will have  to wait for another afternoon.

Still… I couldn’t resist doing just enough to complete just one block…


This is going to be a fun one!

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