Poncho progression

The poncho is progressing. But as a snail’s pace… or at least that’s how it feels.


I don’t have a big enough spot on the floor to lay it out for you (and it’s too darn muddy outside… aren’t we supposed to have snow in January?? It feels like April right now), so here it is folded up on the couch.

That little blue/green line is them middle point (and eventual neckline). As you can see, I’m only a few inches further from where I last showed it to you. And I’ve got lots and lots of inches to go.

She was much neglected over the holiday, but I’m back to trying to put at least four rows on her each night. I’d love to have her done by the end of January, but I think that’s probably too ambitions. Maybe by March… ?

6 thoughts on “Poncho progression

  1. It’s beautiful. On large projects, I use a removable marker to remind me how much I had knit in a knitting session. It’s more satisfying to see that progress than looking at the whole.


  2. Shirley

    It is going to be so beautiful when completed and you are going to love it! I think you have made amazing progress considering how many other projects you have in the works and have completed.


  3. delightedhands

    It is going to be beautiful! Keep working on it–we are too used to quick projects and this one is a no such an undertaking! Think of it as a sweater knit in one piece!


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