And they called it puppy love…

I have no finished quilts to show this week, because I didn’t make it up to Mom’s this weekend. Instead, I went to visit Sam and her wonderful family for our annual holiday get-together. We were supposed to do it a couple weeks before Christmas, but the weather interfered. As both our schedules were too full after that,  this was the first opportunity we had to see each other.

But I’m soooo glad we waited because…


THEY GOT A NEW PUPPY this weekend!!!!!!! Meet Calibre (Cali for short), the cutest little Beagle ever born. She’s only 10 weeks old and soooooo tiny!


That’s her beside Sam’s hand. And Sam does not have big hands. She’s just a wee little thing.


And so full of energy. It was hard to get a picture of her when she was awake.


And sleeping… well she’ll just melt your heart. You may or may not know, but Sam’s already got a full house – two labs (Dozer and Moose), and three cats (Ezra, Ruby and Marlin), and though Cali has only been there a short time, they are all adjusting very well.


As long as Cali doesn’t get too pushy! And of course, as long as the boys still get plenty of the attention they so deserve.


And as cute as wee Cali is, I don’t envy Sam and her early morning  outside pee sessions…


I’ll definitely stick to cat. At least they potty in a box!

9 thoughts on “And they called it puppy love…

  1. Araignee

    Oh, just look at that sweet baby!!! Puppies are so cute but they are so much work. I don’t think I have it in me for another. Pup almost did me in. Kittens are so much easier.


  2. OMG that mush!

    Once on my way to work on a morning when it was POURING rain, I saw a woman with two little doggies waiting for them to do their business. She saw me and said, “I wish they were cats.” And that still amuses me.


  3. You know there areaways when I feel a dog would get me outside. I don’t really need one, and I’d want two. of course. Tiny puppies are the cutest. But they have tiny bladders and potty training is so intensive…in WINTER TOO.
    I m just kind of off because we changed barn days and then we got cancelled Saturday for the ice storm. Usually I’m fine with my felines and my horse pals twice a week.
    I will tell you Val, that I’m worried. AL and boyfriend seem destined to live together and his dog is not well trained. After all she’s done for Dolly and Lincoln, I swear there could be an attack on them. I m sure they have thought it through , and I know Al all defend them, but she has to be 100% safe with the cats and ‘COOPER’. He does go to day care. But the dog we returned to the shelter attacked with us right in th room and hurt Radar, my deaf, cat. Sigh. Worries…


  4. Shirley

    Such an adorable puppy! You can really tell the size in the photo with the black cat. So they now have a household with the same dog/cat ration. Guessing feeding time is crazy.


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