FO: Hamilton

Well of course, you all knew it would happen, but it always surprises and delights me a little…


… when I finish a deadline project with time to spare! Yep. Dave’s Valentine socks are done and dusted. They’ll stay on the blockers until a day or two before V-day, when I’ll wrap them up with some jujubes and jelly beans (Dave’s not a chocolate guy.)

And I am so pleased with the guy version of my Hamilton pattern. Mine are short and spunky, but done full length with a little more width, they have a stylish, classic look.

Mom cranks Dave socks for every birthday and Christmas, so he has lots of crazy striped and variegated pairs. It’s nice because it means I get to make some more solid, but patterned ones for him – leaving the vanillas to mom and her sock machine. One of these days I’m going to have to count his pairs… I bet he has more than me.

Anyway… with these off the needles, it’s time to get back to that gosh darn poncho…

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