Dreaming of spring

Now is the time of year when I really start longing for my gardens. The seed/bulb catalogues are arriving, but there’s nothing outside but cold and grey.

Since I’m trying to keep to my strict budget, I can’t buy anything new for the yard (not that there’s room…)

That means I’ve got nothing but my  crafts to get me through the rest of winter.


All the remaining pieces for the Spring Blossom quilt are cut and just waiting assembly. What better time than now to make things bloom?


So I did! I made three more blocks to go with the three already complete. There’s just six more to go, and this garden will be in full bloom!


9 thoughts on “Dreaming of spring

  1. Shirley

    What beautiful blocks! You are certainly using your lack of garden time wisely with all your fiber projects. Look forward to seeing these blocks assembled.


  2. Oh Val! Spring seems so far away. I am looking at gray skies. Cant call them cloudy because they are not individual clouds. They are just a color of gray like someone painted the whole sky gray. Im okay because we have snow. I looked at the SPOTS where i know my seeds are sleeping and wished them encouragement today as I went to the mailbox


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