Friday Felines

I would like to used this Friday Felines post to share some cat-related goings on:

Cat-thing the first:

17.25 years ago, when Dave and I first started dating, he assured me he was a cat person. And indeed, he had a cat – our dear departed Mopar.

But what he neglected to stress was that he meant it the singular sense… as in only having one cat at at time. Who does that?

Naturally, over time, I’ve brought him over (or worn him down) to the plural side (which was cemented the day he let Relic in the house when we already had three feline beasties under our roof.)

Now he’s a full-fledged cat Dad, with the mug to prove it!


Thanks Samantha and family!

Cat-thing the second:

A couple weeks ago, Dave and I were searching the house for the source of a weird smell (turns out it was something he was refinishing off-gassing a little). While searching, I came across a milk crate filled with.. well mostly a bunch of crap… little knickknacks and dooddads I’d collected as a child. Most of it got tossed, but one of the things in the crate was a definite keeper.


I made this clock in shop class in Grade 7 (approx 1991). While most of the kids in the class made a plain octagon/hexagon and stained theirs, I of course, had to go a different route. The teacher didn’t have any paint, so I brought it home. Dad dug through the garage and came up with several colours of Tremclad rust paint for me and I got to work, and well… those are the results!

Anyway, I pulled it out of the milk carton, popped in a battery and set it to the right time .And it still works!! He’s now hanging on the wall of my studio… keeping me on time with my work and stitching!

Cat thing the third:

No Friday Feline post would be complete with out an actual feline. So here’s Burton, doing what Burton does best


Being fluffy and cute!

10 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. delightedhands

    Great mugs and expanding your feline populations! lol
    The clock is superb!!!! It really is just right for your sewing / office!
    Lovely Burton!


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