Calico garden

Here we are, the beginning of February. I really should be focusing on Jenn’s birthday quilt, but I finally got those 10″ squares cut for the other birthday quilt… and though I don’t have to have that one finished until June, I couldn’t resist getting a start on it and making the first stars.

As I showed you before, I gathered five piles of nine 10″ squares. Each pile makes two blocks using nothing but HSTs. Now you know, I love HSTs – they are easy to make and sooo versatile. But by oh boy, do I hate trimming them to size. And it’s something you absolutely have to do, or your quilt turns out all wonky.

Now as I said, there’s nine 10″ squares, and each square (when paired with a plain white square), gives you eight HSTs…. are you doing the math…?


That’s 72 blocks that need to be trimmed square. SEVENTY-TWO!!! Ugh… but I sucked it up and got down to it.


After what seemed like an eternity, I finally had them all done.


Perfect and square and ready to be sewn together! That didn’t take long at all. Certainly not as long as all that ironing and trimming.


And not long after that, there were two.


They are the exact same fabrics, just mixed up so it looks like a different block. Now according to the tutorial, they should have sashing between them. But I’m kind of liking the secondary patterns that are emerging with no sashing….

It’s looks like I’ll have a decision to make when they are all done (only seven more blocks… or 252 more HSTs to go….)


Relic says… “I have a birthday this year… do I get a quilt?”

9 thoughts on “Calico garden

  1. I like to do this kind of massive trimming job while bingeing something fun on Netflix. (It keeps me from compulsively counting and figuring out how many I still have to do!)
    It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt, whether you sash or not!


  2. Shirley

    Your fabrics are just perfect for that block! The blocks certainly do for a wonderful secondary pattern. I would probably make my decision on sashing depending on whether I needed them for the size of the quilt. It is going to be a cheerful quilt.


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