Sailing away…

When I told you Dave’s grandma was home from the hospital, I was actually misinformed. They were running some more tests and discovered she has a couple leaky heart valves. It’s a situation that can be managed mostly with a better diet, but she had some pretty serious swelling in her legs. The doctors want to get the swelling down before they send her home.

We’ve been back to visit with her several times, and as a result…


The Laguna man socks are really moving along. I had a part ball of turquoise Alley Cat hanging around, and it matched pretty well, so I through it in for the heel. I’ll use it for the toes as well, when I get there. Which shouldn’t be too much longer!

9 thoughts on “Sailing away…

  1. Araignee

    How pretty! So sorry to hear about Grandma. I hope they get everything under control soon. Long hospital stays are so hard on us seniors.


  2. delightedhands

    Sorry Dave’s Gram is still in the hospital; not a fun time so it is nice you keep visiting with her! The sock is very nice–good results!


  3. jatshaw

    Very sorry to hear about Dave’s Grandma! I hope her condition improves soon. Hospitalization isn’t fun at any age. Nice work on the socks. I like the color, too.


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