The power of green

Our nearest groundhog predicted and early spring, and I’m really hoping he’s right, though his track record is poor (he’s only right 25% of the time, apparently)

While it snowed steadily on groundhog day, by evening it had mostly melted, and the very next day the temps were up to 6 Celsius (about 42F). It was bright and sunny, so on my lunch break, I suited up Burton (in his harness) and we joined Relic outside.

Relic, of course, thought this was just fantastic, and spent most of time wrestling with Burton in the sunshine while I moved some  fall detritus from the gardens and got a peek at what’s going on out there. A lot more than I expected…


Columbine I bought last year is already starting to show… if I remember correctly, this is a lovely dark purple one with a white centre.


I think these are daffodils, though I won’t be certain until they get much bigger.


It’s no surprise the shasta daisies are coming back – I don’t think I could kill these ones with a nuclear strike!


We’ll be well into May before my Lilac blooms, but I’m always happy seeing those first leaf buds.


I’m especially thrilled about this… this is the Peach Dalmatian Foxglove. I’m hit or miss getting them to come back. Candy Mountain has done well, but I’ve never been able to get the peach one to reseed!


Same with the Iceland poppies. Though they are supposed to weather cold temps well (coming from Iceland, afterall), I’ve found them to be a little fussy.


The Lupin was fussy at first, too, but now that it’s established, it thrives.


Not far from the Lupine are the Anemone. I really do need to find them a better spot this year. They get shaded by the Lupin pretty quick.


And the lovely little rosettes of the pink sedum are just starting to show. They are so pretty when they first start sprouting. (And are a great late-season source of pollen for the bees come fall)

In addition to the gardens, I have a pile of potted things… mostly annuals. I don’t bother bringing them inside, I just put the pots up near the house for the winter, and re do them with fresh plants come spring (if needed).


The catnip almost always comes back, so seeing this is no surprise (I keep the catnip in pots so I don’t have cats rolling in my gardens). What is a surprise is this…


Parsley!  It looks like the oregano is going to do the same thing, though it’s not quite as far along as the parsley. Crazy pants!

Of course, now temps are back to hovering around freezing, and we got hit with snow on Thursday so… what happens next is anyone’s guess!

6 thoughts on “The power of green

  1. Araignee

    I can’t believe what I am seeing! So much green. It’s as if the calendar ditched February and went straight to March this year. Crazy, crazy, crazy…


  2. Shirley

    It looks like you are going to have beautiful gardens again this year. The boys certainly look like they are enjoying the outside adventure.


  3. Same kind of crazy weather here. The daffs and hyacinths are sprouting up, as are the daylilies. Not sure what is going on along the back fence. It is so soggy back there you don’t dare go walking lest you sink ankle deep in mud.


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