Dino stomp

Just as with knitting, when you’re quilting, working on one project quite often inspires another. A tweak to a pattern here and there creates something entirely new and exciting.

That’s what happened the other day when I was working on that week’s Blockhead block (which I’ll show in a few days). As I was putting it together, part of it jumped out at me, and I envisioned something entirely different… something just perfect for a charm pack I bought a few months ago….


I’m going to walk you through making a pair of blocks. While you can make singles, these blocks work well in pairs.

For the pair you will need:

Background fabric:

  • Two: 2.75 x 9.5 inch
  • Six: 2.75 x 5 inch
  • Eight: 2.75 inch square

Contrast fabric

  • Eight: 2.75 inch square

Charm pack fabric

  • Two: 5inch square

When those are cut, you’re going to snowball the bottom corners of each of your charm squares with 2.75 inch background squares.

You will create two flying geese units with two 2.75 x 5″  background rectangles and 2.75 inch contrast squares

You will snowball  one end of the four remaining 2.75″ x 5″ background rectangles with 2.75 contrast squares. Watch your angle on these ones! You need two of each going in opposite directions (see below)


Now you’re starting to see where this is going….

Along with the remaining 2.75 inch background squares, you’ll assemble these six pieces into the cutest little dinosaur footprint!


But we’re not done yet! Quilt blocks are easier to work with when they are square, so you’re going sew on those last 2.75 x 9.5 pieces to do just that. But there’s a twist!

On one foot, you’re going to put it on the top. On the other, you’re going to put it on that bottom.IMG_1155

That way, when you sew them together, you get a staggered, walking effect…


…perfect for stacking on top of other prints to make a dino trail… there’s definitely more to come with these blocks!


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