Friday felines

It’s Valentine’s day, and love is in the air at Chez Wandering Cat…

I blogged many times about Rupert and Relic’s complicated relationship.

It’s definitely better than when we first took Relic in. There’s very little snarking at each other, and Rupert has given up on his sneak attacks. But he’s still crazy jealous, and has to push his way in whenever you’re petting Relic. Which of course, Relic hates.

But then… there are moments like this…


They actually sleep there together every night, but not until we’ve fallen asleep.

Bedtime starts with Relic crushing  laying on my chest, and Rupert curled up in a tiny ball on Dave’s hip.  Relic moves to the box at the bottom of the bed (which is covered in the above blankets), after I drift off and roll onto my side. I’m not sure when Rupert moves, but almost every morning when I wake up to use the washroom, they are curled up together. But it’s only ever been overnight, and as soon as Rupert realizes I’m looking, he moves, so I’ve never been able to get a picture.

I got lucky and came across the above situation the other afternoon. As you can probably tell from his posture, Rupert was already thinking about bolting. And he didn’t stick around long. He just can’t let me know that he really likes Relic.

But then, a day or so later, I looked up from my work to see this…


There’s hope for these two after all.


8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Awww, the cats relationships here are always fluid with one another. But steady with us.
    Beatles lets Fezzik groom him most days. Tank prefers people to cats. He was raised an only kitten. Its fun to see your pictures !


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