As you know, as I work on all my other projects, I’m also building Whirly Geese blocks. Part of the fun of making a Leader and Ender quilt (at least the way I do it), is that it doesn’t involve a lot of planning (if any). It’s all done using scraps, completely random. I just make geese until I think I have enough (no counting), then I start pair them up. Then I pair the pairs, then pair the quads.

Since each block takes eight geese, though you think you’ve made tonnes of geese and couldn’t possibly need more, they get used up pretty quick.

And that’s exactly what happened last weekend. I thought I’d made more than enough, and when the last were finally sewn into completed blocks, I laid them all out on the design bed to see where I was at…


Sadly…. not nearly as close as I thought. I still need eight more blocks. That’s 64 more geese. But that’s okay… once all the geese are done it’s no longer my L&E project and it goes into regular rotation. And I need to clear out a box before that happens.

Here’s where everything else is at

  • Spring Blossom – Still making beautiful batik blossoms.
  • Royal Stars – Still buildings stars
  • Walk Like a Dinosaur –Still building dino toes
  • Calico Garden –Still building giant stars
  • Blockhead: Patiently awaiting Wednesday
  • Leader and Ender quilt – Back to making geese

7 thoughts on “Flocked

  1. That’s a whole lotta wing-flappin’!
    This is such a great leader/ender project. If I didn’t already have about four l/e’s already going on, I’d be tempted to do this one, too!


  2. Shirley

    Your fabrics all play together so well! That is going to be a beautiful quilt. If you are adding sashing, it is going to be a big quilt, Looking forward to seeing how you assemble the blocks.


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