Crosstown traffic

The geese have been completed (more on that another day) and moved into regular rotation. That means I needed a new Leader/Ender project.

Luckily, I had one all lined up.

Mom folllows a lot of other quilters online and one if her favourites is Pat Sloan. Back in January, she started a sew along for a pattern she called Traffic Jam. I had to much on the go at the time, but I knew it would make a fabulous L&E project, so I tucked the idea away.

Mom started earlier and already has her top done:


Sorry I don’t have a better picture, but you can get the idea of it there.

You start by piecing 2.5″ squares into four patches. Unlike Mom (and it seems everyone else in the sew-along), I decided to do my four patches in neutrals (white/biege/light grey). I had tonnes of neutral scraps, so I cut them all up and got them ready for sewing.


Currently, I’m just pairing them up. But it won’t be long until I’m pairing those pairs into four patches. Like the geese, I have no idea how big this one is going to be. I’m just making blocks until I run out of cut fabric. Then I’ll decide!

5 thoughts on “Crosstown traffic

  1. Shirley

    That is a great L&E project! You certainly do have a lot of low volume scraps. Will be interesting to see how you assemble your top (and colors that you use). I love how you just start and do a step at a time instead of overthinking.


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