FO: Turner

Last time I was up at Mom’s Dad invited me out to the  shooting range.  Most people don’t expect it of me, but I love shooting.

My dad, grandfather, uncle and brother are all hunters, and I’ve grown up around firearms. Even though it’s not a hobby I’ve pursued, I do love an afternoon of shooting. The only downside… Dad’s club is an outside range. And it’s February. Hands get cold REALLY fast.

I dug through my stash of fingerless gloves and mitts, but everything I had was light and lacy.

Luckily, after casting off the Laguna socks, I had just enough time to whip out a pair of sturdier mitts.


The pattern is my Turner pattern. It’s nothing fancy, but they knit up quick. I had some Stray Cat in “Twilight” that was handy so that’s what I used, even though I’m not normally a blue person. (Though I quite like that particular shade… it’s a blue that really pops).

In a couple of evenings, they were complete, ends sewn in and ready to wear.


And they were perfect for keeping the chill off my hands. Not so bulky that they got in the way, but thick enough to keep me toasty.

Now… I just have to not lose them before the next time I go shooting!


Burton thinks I need to work on my accuracy….

8 thoughts on “FO: Turner

  1. Love them, and that blue does pop! I need to make a pair, I only have gloves or mittens right now, and sometimes I need fingerless to keep using my fingertips. But I never think to make them.


  2. I think your targets look great! I will NOT show the target from my archery (so many arrows didn’t even make the target – lol). I bet that was a fun time! Nice mitts too.


  3. Shirley

    Those mitts turned out great. Love that blue! Your targets don’t look bad especially when considering it has been some time since you did any shooting. Do you knit left-handed?


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