I mentioned the other day that all the geese blocks were done. And that meant it was time to sew them together into a top.

Now I’ve said before that I prefer to make big blocks. That’s not because I particularly dislike making small ones… I just don’t like sewing small ones together. Putting a top together is probably my least favourite part of making a quilt. And when you have small blocks, it take A LOT longer. The geese blocks are 8.5″ square… I knew this one was going to take a while.

And it did. I took me the entire weekend, but it was worth it!

First up was selecting a sashing fabric. The obvious choice would be to do another white on white fabric so it blends in with the background of each block. But for some reason, I was seeing these one with a coloured sashing… yellow in fact. But I was planning on using yellow for the backing, so I had to think of something else. Another somewhat obvious choice would be black… but I didn’t have anything in black with enough yardage.

I did have some navy floral though…


Although it looks more black than navy here, trust me… it is blue! I paired with with white on white cornerstones and it was just the thing to pull all those colourful blocks together.


And as you can see, I also added a yellow border all the way around


That yellow is the same fabric I’ll be using for the backing (I’ve got A LOT of it!). I know yellow is not for everyone, but I love it. And to tie everything up with a nice, neat bow (or binding…), you’ll see that navy fabric used again when this one is quilted.

And incase you’re wondering what happened to my snoopervisors…. it was a nice weekend so Relic was mostly outside. Rupert was sunning himself at the back door, and Burton…


…was squirrel watching…

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