With the Laguna socks done and dusted, I needed a new pair on the needles. I always like to have something ready for travel knitting, and socks are the perfect thing.

I still had the part balls of Twinkle Cat leftover from my Knotty gloves kicking around by the couch, so I decided to use them up. A quick search through Ravelry came up with the perfect pattern – Woodland Walk.


It’s a surprisingly quick pattern. I got through the entire leg, and a start on the heel, first while waiting for my own doctor’s appointment, and then a few days later waiting for Dave at his doctor’s.

I love those leaves – they are just so elegant. And the chart was quite easy to memorize, which was another surprise.

These are destined for the gift box. I’m not sure who they will got to yet, but I have several ladies on my list with the same sized feet, so I can make them now and decide later.

There’s also no rush to finish them, so I don’t expect you’ll see a tonne of progress on them, unless I do more travelling than expected.

8 thoughts on “Travellers

  1. Shirley

    Those socks are going to be so pretty! Love the color and the pattern. Lucky gals on your gift list. One of them is going to be very happy.


  2. jatshaw

    Nice! And thanks for the pattern link. It’s similar to the sock pattern that I just did, and I’m looking forward to trying this version.


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